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A Treasure from the Cellar- Available for purchase

Chateau D’Armailhac 1995 Bordeaux Grand Cru Classe, Pauillac

from Baron Philippe de Rothschild


One of the many benefits of being in the wine trade is the opportunity to visit wineries around the world. On one such trip my husband and I did a tour of Bordeaux France. I was very much a novice at the time and had very little experience with Bordeaux wines. It was quite the immersion into the subject. We visited numerous Chateau throughout Bordeaux on the left and right banks. All of the wineries were gloating about how the vintages in the barrels we were sampling, represented one of the finest vintages of the decade, if not the century. At the time, I did not know if that was the truth or just marketing hyperbole. That vintage in the barrels was 1995.


It would be years before that vintage would be released, so we vowed to revisit these wines in the future. Well, lo and behold, when we returned from that trip we received and en premeur offering (wine futures) of 1995 Bordeaux from our local wine shop. How convenient, we would purchase some of each of the Chateau which we visited as a future souvenir. While that was a significant financial commitment, we had a new, temperature-controlled wine cellar we were anxious to stock.


As we waited the two years for our wine to be shipped to us, we began to research our purchases. It became clear very quickly we had actually invested in wines that were going to be very age-worthy, rare and increase in value over time.


Now, some 20 years post release, we still have a winery-sealed case (12 bottles) of this amazing wine which we would like to offer to another wine lover. The wines have been stored in a temperature-controlled wine cellar for all of this time in Denver, Colorado. If you are interested, please reach out to me. The retail price on this wine peaked at about $150 per bottle. I am offering it for $950 for a 12 bottle case, plus shipping. I also have some individual bottles from another case available for $80 each. Don’t hesitate to make me an offer. If you are an avid collector of this vintage, I may have some other bottles for sale.


Please contact me by email michelle@wheresthewineblog.com

For a glimpse back in time, refer to this article in Wine Spectator magazine from May 1996-

Bordeaux Is Back: A potentially outstanding 1995 vintage heats up sales of futures

The most recent Left-Bank Bordeaux vintage chart on Wine Spectator, lists 1995 as “95 points, drink or hold. Harmonious, rich and structured; long-lived”.

Here is an updated review from Wine Spectator on-line 2007


Here is some more technical information and ratings for your information


Chateau d’Armailhac 1995 92 pts. Ready to drink

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